Carpet Cleaning

We are recognised as a highly respected professional carpet cleaning company. Our experienced carpet cleaners have built an excellent reputation and are trusted for the high standards and effectiveness cleaning programme.

Thoroughly Cleaned Carpets
All of our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the most advanced machines available. These machines will clean right down to the base of your carpets and extract grit, dirt and stains and leave your carpets fresh, clean and healthy.

Minimum Disruption
Don’t worry about moving furniture, etc. as this will be carried out by our technicians as part of our service at no extra cost.

Environment Friendly & Safety
We only use safe environmentally friendly solutions to deep-clean all types of carpets based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Shorter Drying Times
One of the major advances in the steam cleaning method over the past few years is how the machines we use are now so much more powerful!. These professional systems leave behind a drier carpet because most of the water is extracted at high pressure. This means much shorter drying times.

Fully Insured
Our carpet cleaners are fully insured for all work carried out.

Fair Honest Pricing
We promise no high pressure sales gimmicks. The price quoted includes all the solutions, machinery, insurance and manpower to ensure the job is done right. The price quoted is the price you will pay.

100% Guarantee
If you are in anyway dissatisfied with our work, we will re-clean the area that you are unhappy with.

OFFER: 3 rooms for £99 (subject to size)

Upholstery Cleaning

Our professionally trained technicians are leaders in the upholstery cleaning industry, we have many years of experience, so you can be assured that your fabrics will receive the most thorough and deep clean available.

Our fabric cleaning process is similar to that used in our carpet cleaning procedure. A specialised hand tool is used to clean across the fabric instead of the solution being fed directly onto it. The micro-splitting cleaning process will extract soil particles from the fibres, without the use of detergents or enzymes, ensuring optimum cleaning results and prevents possible re-soiling.

**An inspection or test clean of the fabric of the upholstery is carried out prior to the commencement of any works**

Rug Cleaning

We offer a drop-off and collect, or collect and return Rug Cleaning Service. Works are then carried out at our own premises (see price list).

Modern rugs are coloured and finished in many different ways using a variety of materials, dyes, and processes in their assembly. Our cleaners are highly skilled in hot water extraction cleaning which is regarded as the most effective procedure for cleaning rugs. We are confident that we can restore the original colours of your rug using this method.

Our cleaners use tried and tested professional treatments that are safe for children and pets. These treatments will help to restore the rugs original appearance and leave the fibres clean, fresh and revitalised.

We also offer




on all our


Hard Floor Cleaning

To guarantee the best results, we tailor make our hard floor cleaning process, meaning how we clean your floor will depend entirely on the floor you have. **A FREE DEMO/TEST CLEAN IS PROVIDED FOR ALL HARD FLOORING, SO YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE END RESULT**

Generally, we will carry out a deep clean to remove accumulated residue and old polish. We will then polish out scratches, apply sealers and colour enhancers that suit the floor, and give it an exceptional finish.

We will also advise you on the best way to take care of your hard floor to help you keep it looking better for longer.

Restore or Replace?

Most hard floor finishes represent a considerable investment. Over time the look and feel can deteriorate leaving them dull and dirty looking. It is very rare that these floors cannot be restored to their former quality, representing a considerable saving over replacement. So if you want your floors to sparkle once again give us a call and we will give you sound advice FOR FREE.

Remember estimates do not cost you anything and all our work is backed with a cast iron complete money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


What types of Hard Floors do you clean?

A wide range of hard flooring is suitable for cleaning.


Our Hard Floor Cleaning experts can clean:


Ceramic Tile
Porcelain Tiles Sandstone
Terrazzo & Travertine Wooden Floors
Marble & Granite
Patios, Paths & Driveways Decking
Vinyls (including Amtico & Karndean) Marmoleums

Mattress Cleaning

Steam cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning your carpets. Mattresses harbour all kinds of microscopic bugs, bacteria, and dust mites so should be cleaned at least once a year.

The main reason for steam cleaning your mattress is the health benefits. People who suffer from asthma, eczema and other allergies will benefit greatly. A clean mattress also promotes a better night’s sleep.

We clean mattresses using a steam extraction system, which deep cleans the mattress as well as killing any bugs and mites. The high-powered extraction means that your mattress will be only slightly damp once cleaned. However, we do recommend an early appointment as some mattresses can take up to eight hours to dry.

Stain Removal

IR Cleaning Services are specialists in stain removal. We recommend that any new stain is dealt with as soon as possible. We usually get better results if we attempt to remove the stain before anyone else does.

All our cleaners carry a full professional spotting kit that can remove a large number of stains such as red wine, rust, urine, make-up, dried paint, oil, tea, coffee, chewing gum, and ink.

Please note stain removal is not a guaranteed service.

Anti-Stain Protection

In order to ensure you can confidently enjoy your furniture, minimise the damage before it happens, ask IR Cleaning Services to protect your carpets and furnishings.

To protect your furniture, we’ll visit your home and apply a stain protecting solution to your sofa or carpet, creating an invisible layer that won’t change the look or feel of it.

In addition to protection from stains, this solution can add up to 50% to the life of the fibres by reducing abrasive wear.

So if you need station removal or protection services in and around Northumberland, contact our friendly team today.

Property Clean

Whether you’re selling your property, hosting a party or just require a spring clean, our one-off cleaning services were designed with you in mind.

Our expert cleaning team will visit your property and carry out whatever cleaning work is required as per your instruction – whether that’s dusting, polishing, tidying, window cleaning, or mopping – or complete a deep clean of your entire property based on our tried and tested formula.

This service is also perfect for landlords, event organisers and busy families. It’s a stress-free and no-strings alternative to investing in expensive equipment or signing ongoing cleaning contracts.

Our one-off cleaning services are available in and around Northumberland to both individual and commercial clients.